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Never Have I Ever

… for Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme.

Never Have I Ever

Ms Singh is attempting to bring back the Monday Memes. I figured this might be a good time for me to attempt to bring back… well, my blog in general really.

This week’s Meme is a game of Never Have I Ever. I game a have never played before!

  1. Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life. – I have. Hasn’t everyone?
  2. Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life. – My first reaction to that was no. But thinking about it I actually have, a long time ago. I don’t remember much about the place. I just remember that we didn’t get to “do” anything. We couldn’t even get our clothes off. The lag in that place was epic!
  3. Never have I ever been an escort or stripper, in Second Life. – I have never. Never even thought about it.
  4. Never have I ever been in porn videos in Second Life. – I have never, as far as I know.
  5. Never have I ever done things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life. – I have never. Except perhaps some public nudity in my noob days?
  6. Never have I ever created an ALT for secret activities, in Second Life. – I have. Though the activities weren’t that secret. I made an alt to try out some non-human avatars. Tried animal avatars and some furry ones. And then I tried some neko ears and tail. Once those found their way to Sama, my alt was never used again!
  7. Never have I ever had a one night stand, in Second Life. – I have. Probably had something to do with statement 1 and 2.
  8. Never have I ever been part of a roleplay community, in Second Life. – I have never. Someone dragged me to some Gorean sim once. I stayed for… 5 minutes? Maybe? RP is not my thing at all.
  9. Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life. – I have never.
  10. Never have I ever done things in Second Life that I wouldn’t admit to my friends or family. – I have. Adding to that, that I would never mention my Second Life at all to family and friends. I know it’s sad, but SL has such a bad reputation, that I’d be afraid to bring it up.

And with that I can now state that I have played the Never Have I Ever game.

  • Hair – Little bones (nova.faerye)
  • Head – Lelutka (minnu.palen)
  • Body – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Skin applier – Pumec (otyebis)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Izzie’s (izzie.button)
  • Neko ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Whiskers – Urban Dare (craven.theas)
  • Shirt with kitten – !gO! (gocha.merlin)
  • Pose – Kuri Style (miu.elfan)


… week 11 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.


This week´s color is aquamarine, a kind of spring green toned towards cyan. I thought that would be a tricky color to find. But a quick inventory search provided me with this dress. An oldie I had pretty much forgotten about.

But then I thought: maybe I should look a bit further, the color isn’t perfect, blablabla… So I went shopping, bought something else, styled it, did some pictures. And then I decided that actually my first choice might have been best.

So in the end I spend loads of time, when I could’ve been done in about five minutes. Yepp, sometimes I’m sooo amazing, I scare myself…

  • Hair – Truth (truth.hawkes)
  • Skin – Grixdale (tyr.rozenblum)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – E! (eclectic.wingtips)
  • Jewellery & hairflower – Ticky Tacky (narita.rayna)—>SL Marketplace
  • Shoes  – Ingenue (betty.doyle)
  • Pose – Kuri Style (miu.elfan)