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Puss In Boots

… because I found a group gift while cleaning my inventory.

Puss In Boots//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

A group gift from Hucci to be precise. I found it in my “still need to unpack this stuff” folder, so I have no idea when exactly this gift was sent.

Remarkably enough I just bought a very similar pair of boots in RL. So I decided to create a look I might wear in RL as well: with skinny jeans and a long sweater.

Now if only my RL hair would look as good as my pixel-hair does…

  • Hair – Truth (truth.hawkes)
  • Head – Lelutka (minnu.palen)
  • Body – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Skin applier – Izzie’s (izzie.button)
  • Eyeliner – Style by Kira (kira.paderborn)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Izzie’s (izzie.button)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Jerboa tail (nadi.vemo)
  • Whiskers – Urban Dare (craven.theas)
  • Sweater – The Secret Store (maylee.oh)
  • Jeans – Somnia (sanura.snowpaw)
  • Boots – Hucci (eboni.khan)
  • Pose – Ploom (steve.cartier)

I Was Weak…

… I couldn’t resist the latest KittyCatS collection.

I Was Weak

I really tried, honestly. But they were just to cute. Add to that some matching antennas for me to wear and well… How could I resist?

I Was Weak Details

Sorry for the blog being a bit quiet, but this winter’s viruses are still keeping me occupied. To be precise, I am feeling fine. But now the rest my household is busy emptying their stomachs, cat included. Really, the bugs floating around this season… it’s getting ridiculous by now!

I have managed to gain a new life-experience though: having a toddler puke into your cleavage. Interesting experience, I can assure you.

  • Hair  – Dura (chiaki.xue)
  • Antennas – KittyCatS —>Group gift
  • Skin – Pink Fuel (mochi.milena)—>Group gift
  • Mesh hands – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Hucci (eboni.khan)—>Group gift
  • Tights – Paper.doll (zoey.gabardini)
  • Shoes – Miamai (monica.outlander)—>VIP Group gift
  • Bracelet – League (nena.janus)
  • Pose nr.2 – Love Me Brutal (tatum.diesel)
  • Cat – KittyCatS breedables

It’s that time again

… it’s this year’s obligatory Valentine’s look!

It's that time again

I didn’t go all out in pink and hearts this time, though there is a bit of both in there somewhere.

It's that time again 2

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

  • Hair  – Lamb (lamb.bellic)
  • Skin – Grixdale (tyr.rozenblum)—>Store closed
  • Mesh hands – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Hucci (eboni.khan)—>Group gift
  • Tights – G-Field (cerberus.noel)
  • Shoes – Nardcotix (nardya.rousselot)
  • Necklace and bracelet – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)—>@Collabor88
  • Ring – Pididdle (brutus.martinek)—>Group Gift
  • Message Prop – Flowey (flutter.memel)


… week 52 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.


So here it is finally. Somewhere between Christmas-diner and “oliebollen”, I managed to put together the very last Color Challenge-look. And I’m not sentimental about it, I just happen to be cutting onions.

I’m definitely going to be missing this challenge. Afterall, this blog has never been without it. So I guess I’ll have to be a big girl now and be a regular blogger all on my own… or find a new challenge… or start one of my own. Time will tell I suppose.

In any case, a big thank-you to Luna Jubilee for leading the Color Challenge, not just for one, but for two years! It’s been an amazing time 🙂

  • Hair – Lamb (lamb.bellic)
  • Skin – Frick (fricka.morgath)—>In-store huntgift
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Hucci (eboni.khan)
  • Belt – So Many Styles (irie.campese)
  • Boots – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Pose – fri.day (darling.monday)

To be or not to be

… what else should one say while holding a skull?

To be or not to be

I thought I would throw in another look made with items from the Unhinged event. Just to remind everyone who hasn’t visited yet, that they really should.

Also, if you feel more like partying for the good cause… you can! Just check the schedule here and then tp to the Unhinged party stage.

To be or not to be details

  • Hair – Truth (truth.hawkes)
  • Skin – YS & YS (monicuzza.babenco)—>@Unhinged
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Shirt – Geometry (geometryclothing.resident)—>@Unhinged
  • Skirt – Hucci (eboni.khan)
  • Necklace –House of Rain (axi.kurmin)—>@Unhinged
  • Boots – Lassitude & Ennui (jackal.ennui)—>@Unhinged
  • Skull with pose – Pose Monster(nicole.twigvald)—>@Unhinged

I’m going to kill my pc

… okay not really, but I came close!

I'm going to kill my pc

Oh, and much ranting ahead. You’ve been warned!

For a while now I’ve had problems with my computer. For some obscure reason, that I haven’t identified yet, my pc works fine for weeks. And then suddenly it slows down, slows down, slows down some more… and then gets completely stuck, within a matter of minutes. No amount of rebooting helps and I’m forced to reinstall Windows from scratch. And that’s what happened again last Sunday. So say goodbye to that Color challenge picture you had prepared! *grumble*

So I spend my Monday patching up my computer. Not to much of a problem, you get good at it after a while… Anyway, as soon as I had the Second Life viewer back in action, I wanted to snap some new color challenge pictures. Well, forget about it. Because as soon as I tried to save my snapshot to disk: instant crash. And not just once. Everytime I tried! So I installed the Firestorm viewer… but that crashed as well.

Monday turned into Tuesday and I was still crashing. And I was ready to throw my computer out of the nearest window. So in desperation I hit the forums and came across one that mentioned Skydrive as the possible culprit of my problems. I vaguely remembered that this program had indeed been installed, in a package along with Windows Live Mail, Messenger and some other basic things. I don’t even know what Skydrive is for, so I deleted it and guess what? Problem solved. *headdesk* Well, thanks a lot Microsoft! If you ever want to install useless programs on my pc again, please don’t bother! *grumble*

But anyway, after all that I was far too frustrated to get a color challenge picture done. So I made this, slightly more violent piccie, instead.

  • Hair – Lelutka (thora.charron)
  • Skin – Pink Fuel (mochi.milena)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Hucci (eboni.khan)—>Group gift.
  • Necklace – Ticky Tacky (narita.rayna)—>Store closed
  • Ring – Shakeup (carrie.janick)—>@The Arcade
  • Boots – Lassitude & Ennui (jackal.ennui)
  • Computer – Cori Sabena’s Store (core.sabena)—>@SL Marketplace
  • Knife – Has been in my inventory since 2007. No idea where I got it.
  • Pose – E.ink (empty.inkpen)

Persian Rose

… week 29 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.

Persian Rose

And this week’s color is: … another shade of pink. When I bought this dress I was sure the right kind of pink was in there. But I’m not sure I can find it now…

In any case, I’ll be off on vacation tomorrow, so the blog will be quiet for a while. Yes, I’m going on holiday during Hair Fair… I’m silly, what can I say? 🙂

  • Hair – Clawtooth (bubbles.clawtooth)
  • Skin – Dutch Touch (iki.ikarus)
  • Freckles – Es’ cusi (sophielle.resident)
  • Eyeliner – Kyoot (saeya.nyanda)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Hucci (eboni.khan)
  • Jewellery – Sari’s (sari.telling)
  • Mesh feet – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Pose – fri.day (darling.monday)