About the blog

This blog will mostly be a Look of the Day kind of thing. I mainly want to share the stuff that I like. Be it old or new, expensive or free, fashionable or totally out of fashion, if I like it I’ll blog it. I will accept blogger-packages, but reserve the right to only blog your designs if I personally like them.

I don’t intend to do reviews. I might give my opinion on a certain items. So if I have something to say about it, that might be interesting to others, I will. But it is NOT the main focus of the blog.

I won’t be providing SLURLS, only exception is if a particular store is the focus of the post or if the item is a complimentary copy. The reason I don’t is, because store locations change so often, it’s impossible to follow. I don’t even bother keeping LM’s inworld, for that same reason. So instead of that I provide the store name and the full name of the creator. That way you can either do a search with the shop name or, if that doesn’t work, do a people search with the creator’s name. Most shop-owners will have a landmark in their profile, pointing you to the current shop location. And if the shop has gone out of business, you might find that info there as well.

Some shops may have more then one creator. But I only state the person that is clearly associated with that shop in their profile and has a landmark in their picks.


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