Playing with Makeup

… for Makeup Monday.

Makeup Monday

So, what exactly is a Makeup Monday? It’s actually a challenge on Flickr, started by Xaqueline Seda. The idea is to take two snapshots of yourself: one wearing a base skin and another with added makeup layers to either lightly enhance or completely change the look of the skin.

This week I finally remembered to create a makeup look to join the challenge with. While I do use makeup layers in Second Life, this is the first time I’ve used so many layers at once! Usually I don’t add much more than lipstick or a cat eyeliner. (What? I’m a neko. I can do cat eyeliner. And I can also use a base skin in “Meow” makeup. So there!)

Anyway, I used pretty much everything in my makeup folder. So I’m not sure if I can join the challenge more then once. Also, some of the things I used are probably freebies and old group-gifts. So not sure how much of this stuff is still available.


One response to “Playing with Makeup

  1. Xaqueline Seda

    :O you did one! I’m thrilled! you look awesome and I hope you do another one soon….maybe for Halloween?? :D. I love the layout, too ❤

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