Aqua Island

… week 30 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.

Aqua Island

And I’m back from holiday.

Well, actually we’ve been home a couple for days already. But first my pc refused to cooperate and then this morning I got a call that my grandmother had passed away. So Second Life and blogging were not exactly my first priorities.

In any case, I got my color challenge catch-up post together. My outfit admittedly doesn’t match the week’s color very well. But putting it together was a nice distraction.

  • Hair – pr!tty (karla.marama)—>@Hair Fair
  • Skin – Leafy (kaethe.dyrssen)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Aura (tyr.rozenblum)
  • Armwarmers – Sari’s (sari.telling)
  • Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ (tosy.xue)
  • Mesh feet and flipflops – Slink (siddean.munro)
  • Pose – (darling.monday)

3 responses to “Aqua Island

  1. Aawww you look adorable!!! YAY that you are back from holiday but *hugs* about your Grandma! You look lovely… *hugs tight still*

  2. Xaqueline Seda

    my most heartfelt condolences for your loss, Sama. sending you another hug (and you do look amazing in that dress). ❤

  3. *hugs both Rudh and Xaqueline* Thank you, I needed that 🙂

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