An early

… with some cute tank tops.

An early

It had been a bit quiet around the store. The main reason for this was Darling Monday taking some take off to learn how to create mesh. Time well spend if you ask me, because the tops that have been released recently are just perfect.

I think we all know the feeling, whenever we try on some new mesh clothes: is it going to fit and is going to be rigged well? In this case: yes and yes. I was especially pleased with how it moved with my av. Because despite my, admittedly, very active AO, the straps never cut into my shoulders or anything like that.

That said, will continue to make system clothes as well. So if, unlike me, you’re not a big fan of mesh, will still be an interesting store for you.

An early 2

I’m also going to be trying something new in this post, by adding some detail pictures. I always try to keep my pictures as clean as possible, to give an honest representation of what I’m wearing. But with only one picture, some detail is obviously lost. Especially when it comes to jewellery.

So this time I’m also adding a picture of my necklace and ring. And of the cute little bows on the spaghetti straps of the top. Now are those cute or what?

    • Hair – Wasabi Pills (missallsunday.lemon)—>@Fairy Tales in 2012
    • Skin – Leafy (kaethe.dyrssen)
    • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
    • Eyes – FATEeyes (damien.fate)
    • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
    • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
    • Top – (mollie.monday)
    • Skirt – So Many Styles (irie.campese)—>@Fairy Tales in 2012
    • Necklace – League (nena.janus)—>@ZombiePopcorn Carnival
    • Ring – Southpaw (phedre.rossini)—>Vip-groupgift
    • Pose – (darling.monday)

2 responses to “An early

  1. I love the skirt! Ooh is that in the Fairytales hunt? Must go get. I hope that’s still running. I tend to skip hunts, don’t have the time. The top is very pretty and great on the mesh fitting – are the bows add-on prims? Yes jewellery is often lost in larger pictures, that’s why I often do closeups on mine, just in case some people were curious.

    • I’m afraid the skirt is a bought item from the fairytales event. I didn’t know there was also a fairytales hunt? So many events and hunts going on atm, it’s totally confusing!

      Oh and the bows are part of the mesh, so no fitting required!

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