… week 26 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.


This week’s color is called Rust and, unsurprisingly, it’s a kind of orange/brown kind of color. Not exactly the kind of color that made me think of a gown, but somehow that’s how my look ended up.

I bought this dress at the “Fairy Tales in 2012” event. Knowing that pretty much everyone seems to be in love with the items for sale there, I suspect I might not be the only one wearing this particular gown this week…

Not that I mind 🙂

    • Hair – Truth (truth.hawkes)
    • Skin – Leafy (kaethe.dyrssen)—>VIP-Groupgift
    • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
    • Eyes – FATEeyes (damien.fate)
    • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
    • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
    • Dress – Ladies who Lunch (faint.paulse)—>@Fairy Tales in 2012
    • Necklace – Glow Studio (jocelyn.anatine)
    • Pose – dfo! (willa.whybrow)

8 responses to “Rust

  1. sexy and beautiful kitty cat )))

  2. Sama you really rock the rusty maiden look… I love the dress on you, and the hair, and the necklace… *sneaks into your closet and steals this look*

  3. Gorgeous, Yama!!

  4. Yvette Donner

    Very attractive gown! And your necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

  5. WOW, I love everything!

  6. Aw SAma it’s really pretty! Love the necklace too, and the hair I have also, love braids 😛

  7. That dress is so pretty, I like the subtle rust color variations. Well done!

  8. You look beautiful, and I think rust is a great gown colour, it’s actually one of the colours they’ve been able to make for centuries as it’s not too bright. I love the necklace too 🙂

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