Raspberry Glace

… week 24 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.

raspberry glace

This week’s challenge color is Raspberry Glace… now that color really made me go “meh”. I mean, what color is it supposed to be anyway? Purple, grey or is it just another poo-color in disguise? I just couldn’t decide. Not to mention the glace part. What is it and how do you even pronounce it?!

I really had no idea where to start looking for this color. So I basically just gave up and started doing the Mesh Around Hunt. Which, at some point, brought me to Ingenue.

As it turned out, they had a couple of items for sale that were more or less the right shade. But in the end I settled for this dress. It’s a bit too dark really, but you won’t tell anybody, right?

    • Hair – Dura (chiaki.xue)
    • Skin – the body co. (thebodyco.resident)
    • Eyelashes – Maxi Gossamer (maxi.gossamer)
    • Eyes – FATEeyes (damien.fate)
    • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
    • Neko tail – Lemon Tea (sei.minuet)
    • Dress – Ingenue (betty.doyle)
    • Shoes – Heart & Sole (bijoux.lefavre)
    • Jewellery – League (nena.janus)
    • Pose – Vista (vista.barnes)

10 responses to “Raspberry Glace

  1. Lovely “poo-color in disguise”! lol That’s an outstanding dress and you look marvelous.

  2. Gorgeous dress, you look lovely! ❤

  3. cheater cheater lol Im telling LOL!!! Not really you look far too gorgeous to worry about pedantics… I love this classic look on you, you make it look timeless!!! It’s beautiful

  4. you look very feminine in this difficult colour

  5. Beautiful. Hard color but you find a perfect look

  6. Classic, chic and lovely.

  7. You always look sooooo beautiful! I just love this dress on you, and hey, you got some cleavage there..hmm, Looks like I am finally rubbing off on you girlfriend! LOL! xoxooxo

  8. Oh Wow! I love that dress, lol poo colour ?, nuuuuu you look great 🙂

  9. Promise I won’t tell! But you look adorable! LOL @Laila

  10. Oh wow that is a gorgeous look, really elegant and going back in time, from the hair to the shoes. I think a lot of the colours this time around are ‘wtf?’ but then she did the obvious ones last year. Btw ‘glace’ makes me think of glace cherries, those candied cherries in syrup you add to cakes. It’s also ice in French. Pronounced ‘glass-ay’. So now you know!

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