Take me to the kittens

… Playing with a tiny AV.

Take me to the Kittens

I, unsurprisingly, have a lot of cat-related items in my inventory. And when it is free, it’s even better! So when I saw this cute little cat avatar on the Free*Style blog, I just had to have it.

Me and Kulta the cat

I was already expecting a small av, but really: it’s tiny! To give you an idea of the size, I’m standing next to one of my KittyCatS. The avatar comes with a HUD that let’s you play different animations, like sitting and dancing (yes, you can make this cute little thing dance!) At the same location, you can also find a couple of cute accessories for this kitten. Think: hats and booties.

One thing I found helpful when wearing such a small avatar, is a camera HUD. This lowers your SL camera closer to the ground, so you can actually see yourself when you’re walking around inworld. I already had one of those in my inventory, but you can find a different, free,  tinycam here.


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