Pose Fair 2012

… it’s almost here. Are you ready?

Pose Fair 2012

Before I started blogging and taking pictures in SL, I really didn’t understand why you needed poses. And as a result I didn’t own any. And even with a couple of months of blogging under my belt, I still didn’t own very many. So when I heard about the third Pose Fair coming up, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity take make some changes and get myself some pose-material.

At that time, their blogger applications were still open. And after a bit of thinking, I gathered up my courage and filled in an application. This was a first for me, so I wasn’t expecting much. So I had a total YAY-moment when I actually made it onto the list! And that is how I found myself at the blogger preview… thinking: how the heck am I going to do this?!

So I did what I do best: shop! I did a quick browse of the two sims the fair has. I started at the North sim, which is the Family section. As expected I found loads of poses, but also AOs. Oddly enough I hadn’t expected that, silly me… The South sim has a Mature rating. There you can find the more sexually themed poses. But also poses that seemed perfectly PG to me, so do visit even if you aren’t looking for hot poses.

After all the shopping was done, I still needed a picture for this post. I had tried to snap a picture before, using the pose-prop that came with the blogger pack. But I wasn’t happy with the result. So I sat down on one of benches at the fair, and decided this would do: lots of info (when viewing the larger version of this picture anyway), while not giving away how the fair looks. I don’t want to take away the wow-factor when you first rezz there yourself!

Pose Fair 2012 will run for two weeks, beginning Sunday April 15th at 12pm and ending on April 30th at midnight.


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