… week 22 of the Alphabet Challenge.


Another week, another letter of the alphabet. I won’t lie, I’ll be glad when we reach Z.

While this blogger challenge is interesting in a way, it just doesn’t leave me enough freedom to make truly satisfying looks. But because I’m as stubborn as a mule I…WILL… FINISH… IT!

  • Hair – Vive9 (sanya.bilavio) – Bruna in Waldorf
  • Skin – Frick (fricka.morgath) – Violet Alice – Blush – Dk Brows/Frex
  • Dress – MichaM () – Vee – Black
  • Tights – Veschi (alla.ruff) – Tintable tights – Burlap—>store closed?
  • Shoes – Kookie (kookie.lemon) – Vo pumps – Mean —>no longer available
  • Necklace – Bewildebeest (coyote.momiji) – Vine Necklace – silver/amethyst—>store closed

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