Dark Raspberry

… week 8 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.

Dark Raspberry

After seeing this week’s colorswatch, I immediately thought of this sweater. But after that my inspiration ran completely dry. I had put a lot of my creativity in my Valentine’s post and I must have used it all up.

Joining Plurk this week, probably didn’t help my creativity either, because I spend a lot of time trying to find my way around there. Time I should probably have put into this post. Oh well, you can’t do it all 🙂

So for Dark Raspberry I went with this casual look. It’s a combination of old and new items. The freebies are pretty old and are probably not available any more.

  • Hair – Lamb (lamb.bellic)—>New
  • Skin – Aura (tyr.rozenblum)—>VIP-group gift
  • Eyeliner – Kyoot (saeya.nyanda)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – How Vexing! (sei.minuet)
  • Sweater – fri.day (mollie.monday)—>Freebie
  • Pants – coldLogic (coldlogic.resident)
  • Necklace – League (nena.janus)
  • Shoes – Truth (truth.hawkes)—>Freebie
  • Pose – Status (gidge.uriza)

10 responses to “Dark Raspberry

  1. So. Cute. Love that hair with your ears!

  2. That hair really suits you Sama, I love this look…

  3. although you say you had no inspiration this look is very cute!!! i was curious about the valentines post.. that one is also very nice

  4. You look great!
    I hear you on the purk thing, me too! LOL!

  5. Casual and awesome. Cool pic.

  6. The color combination of the sweater and pants looks great, and viewing the large size photo, I really love your face – your eyes and ears, the makeup, and beautifully framed by your hair♥

  7. You look gorgeous every week, and I love your shoes!

  8. Very nice photo and outfit Sama! You look great and cute too.

  9. I really like this look Sama, the colors work really well together and your hair looks so cute with your ears!

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