… week 4 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge part II.


I couple of months ago I wrote about the pain of having to do a complete re-install of my computer. Well… I’m about to do it again. Not because I tripped over the electrical cord again. Even I am not that clumsy. But because for some reason my e-mail is completely messed up, and I have no idea why.

Everything worked mine last night. But when I tried to read my e-mail this morning… forget it. Every time I try, the program tries to start but then it just gets slower and slower… and slooower… until the whole thing gets stuck and I have to reboot. I tried to re-install the e-mail program. Tried to restore Windows to an earlier state (or something like that… I’m not exactly good at this stuff, but I stumbled across the feature and thought it might be a good thing to try). I even got my poor husband to try to fix it. (He is good at this stuff, but has very little patience).

So before the poor guy went completely insane and tried to eat the desk or something, I made a back-up of the most important stuff and will just re-install the whole thing. I hate doing that, especially because everything else is working fine. But jumping through hoops to get to my e-mail from now on, seems pretty stupid as well.

So basically, if this blog is quiet for a while, I will still be installing…

  • Hair – Elikatira (elikapeka.tiramisu)
  • Skin – Pink Fuel (mochi.milena)
  • Eyeliner – Kyoot (saeya.nyanda)
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling)
  • Neko Ears – OTCR (anisa.naumova)
  • Neko tail – How Vexing! (sei.minuet)
  • Dress – Fishy Strawberry (fae.eriksen)
  • Boots – Elikatira (elikapeka.tiramisu)
  • Necklace – Miel (miel.nirvana) —> Group Gift

10 responses to “Iron

  1. I love that dress! Very pretty and it looks great on you.

  2. Such a cute dress. Very nice job!

  3. Very cute kitty Sama! Looks lovely

  4. That dress looks great on you. Love the way it hangs loose and easy. Looks fun to wear:)

  5. I am in love with that dress!! cute look!

  6. Such a cute dress and look you look like you are ready for summer!

  7. I love that dress – and looks fantastic with the boots!
    /me runs to Fishy Strawberry!

  8. I hope you fix your technical problems; computers are made to make our lives easier, but that’s often not the truth! Gorgeous look.

  9. Good luck dear, computer problems are not fun at all. You look beautiful in that outfit!

  10. I know how frustrating it is when your computer doesn’t work like it should. :-/ Cute dress, tho!

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