…week 10 of the SL Weekly Words Challenge.


This blogger challenge has been on hiatus for a while, but it is back now. So onwards and upwards! This week’s word was abandoned, but seems to have changed now into abandon. I’m going to stick with abandoned because that was what I had in mind when I made the picture. And the difference is not that huge anyway.

For abandoned I went with a situation faced by far too many cats (and many other pets for that matter): being abandoned by their owners. The reasons are many: because the pet is no longer a cute baby pet, because the owners are going on holiday or the pet doesn’t match the new couch.

I love my RL pet cat and can’t imagine kicking him out onto the street. If I really wouldn’t be able to care for him for some reason, I would bring him to an animal shelter. It would still break my heart, but at least he would have a chance at a new home. So how some people are able to simply abandon their family pet, is really beyond me.

But anyway (this has turned into a much longer post then I thought) here is my take on abandon(ed).


One response to “Abandoned

  1. Aw poor kitty! This is a great shot, it totally makes me want to go hug my babies. (One was a shelter kitty, the other we found in the country without his mama). Great shot!

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