… week 11 of the Alphabet Challenge.


This blogger challenge is becoming more and more an exercise in digging old stuff out of my inventory. I’m seriously expecting to discover some dinosaur remains soon…

Anyway, the Alphabet Challenge struggle continues. I was unable to match my skin to this week’s letter. It’s the first week that has happened, but probably not the last. I like to follow the rules of this challenge as much as possible, but I don’t like buying random skins just to match a letter. Call me Dutch… but skins are just too expensive for that!

I only buy skins that I really like, that I know I will be wearing often. My skins folder is actually pretty small. Well… compared to my hair folder anyway…

  • Hair – Clawtooth (bubbles.clawtooth) – Kiss Kiss – Coffee w/Cream
  • Make-up – Kyoot (saeya.nyanda) – Autumn Feline – Wine Berry
  • Dress – Kitsune Couture (niennra.kitsune) – Sweet Girl Dress – Red
  • Socks – Tee*fy (azure.electricteeth) – Knee Socks – Grey
  • Arm Warmers – Acid&Mala (acido.ferraris) – Knitted Arm Warmers – Striped Grey
  • Jewelry – Kunstkammer (nuala.shippe) – Blackheart Necklace
  • Shoes – KAO (kao.sands) – Ankle-strap shoes – Red

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