52 Weeks of Color Mozaic

… my 15 favorite pictures made for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.


The color challenge is now truly over, so it’s time to pick the 15 favorites. Ofcourse I included the very first and the very last one. Seeing the difference between those was very interesting, especially the picture quality… It was quite obvious that during this challenge I figured out Windlight settings, discovered SL shadows, acquired editing skills and obtained the knowledge of taking high resolution snapshots!

I remember how nervous I was about adding that first picture to the Flickr group. After all, this was a blogger challenge, and I didn’t have a blog at the time. But I decided to be brave and posted the picture. A short but positive comment left by Luna on that first picture, convinced me it was OK for me to be there. And the rest is history, or so they say.

I kept posting my pictures on Flickr only for a very long time. Until I finally decided to be brave once more, and start my own little blog. Week 34, mauve, was the first color to get the blogging treatment. Having the challenge to inspire a constant one post a week, has been very helpful to this kitten-blogger.

So, all there is left to do know, is the credits. In this case linkies to my favorite 15 looks:

  1. Grey – Week 1
  2. Silver – Week 9
  3. Taupe – Week 12
  4. Black – Week 14
  5. Red – Week 15
  6. Asparagus – Week 23
  7. Tangerine – Week 26
  8. Pink – Week 28
  9. Neon Carrot – Week 29
  10. Electric Blue – Week 35
  11. Apricot – Week 40
  12. Charteuse – Week 42
  13. Brick Red – Week 46
  14. Wenge – Week 49
  15. Orange – Week 52

7 responses to “52 Weeks of Color Mozaic

  1. I’m glad you decided to start blogging because it’s really fun to read your blog! You have a gorgeous collection here and my favorites of your top 15 are your red and your neon carrot. Stunning!

  2. a cat with many nice different styles , bye bye Nic

  3. Glad you decided to be a brave little kitty and jump into the challenge. You have a wonderful collection of pictures here:)

  4. Honey, if I could pick a favorite mosaic of the 15 favs, YOURS would be number one with me. LOVE IT!!!! Love ya lil meow girl..see ya next time xo

  5. What a cute collection 😉 … my fav from your pics is Chartreuse, I guess, but they are all well done 🙂
    Hope to see your blog in round 2 as well … *hugs*

  6. Such a gorgeous collection Sama, I LOVE the pink one, I must have missed that… I am so keeping an eye on your blog from now on… I cant miss these amazing pics

  7. Wow, no wonder you wanted to poke your eyes out with sticks ;-). Great effort and I’m so glad you created a blog.

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