… week 9 of the Alphabet Challenge.


And I is for ingenious! Not that this look is that ingenious or anything, I just needed something starting with an I.

Luckily I already had several things in my inventory starting with I. But on top of that I discovered new-to-me-store IrEn. I joined their VIP-group and happily raided the group-gifts. Not all of it was my style, but especially the hair was a pleasant surprise. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on that store…

  • Hair – IrEn (irischka.hotshot) – Earth
  • Skin – Illusory (crushed.clarity) – Paige Warmth – Group Gift Bold
  • Shirt – Ingenue (betty.doyle) – Peekaboo Tee – Teal
  • Jeans – Acid&Mala (acido.ferraris) – I ❤ my jeans – Grime
  • Jewelry – IrEn (irischka.hotshot) – St. Valentine
  • Shoes – Ingenue (betty.doyle) – Bridget Flats – Pool

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