… week 8 of the Alphabet Challenge.


And H is for “Heck, I have nothing in my inventory that starts with H”.

So this week’s look is made up of stuff that had an H in it somewhere. I’m not really sure it goes together well. But I really ran out of options, so… this is it guys!

  • Hair – Lamb (lamb.bellic) – Wild Nothing – Honeycomb Roots
  • Skin – Tuli (tuli.asturias) – Hope – pale/bl – Onyx
  • Romper – JANE (janie.marlowe) – Needful things Romper – Honey
  • Skirt – Sakide (kinu.mayako) – High Waisted Black Skirt – Blue
  • Blazer – Decoy (annette.voight) –Hooded Blazer – Blue
  • Tights – JANE (janie.marlowe) – Lil piggies tights – Cable knit- Honey
  • Shoes with socks – Heart & Sole (bijoux.lefavre) – Lolita

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