Love At First Bite

… the KittyCatS! Haunted Collection 2011 is here!

Halloween KittyCatS!

Rumours about the special halloween-themed collection cats, had been flying about for some time. But I hadn’t really paid too much attention to it. “I don’t need halloween cats” and “I’ll go see them when they’ve been out for a while”, that’s what I thought.

But then, today, I read the notecard with the pictures and all the info… and I practically ran too the KittyCatS! mainstore. There are 3 styles to choose from, but I prefered “Love At First Bite”. Mainly because these are sold as a couple, where the other 2 (SkeleCatS and Devil Dolls) are sold gacha-style. But they all have the option for you to ride on a broom with them, how cool is that?

Dante and Beatrice

These are my little vampire-cats, which I named Dante and Beatrice. Aren’t they cute? I’ll need to buy them a couple of little coffins now…


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