… week 6 of the Alphabet Challenge.


And F is for feline! There, managed to get another cat reference in.

I’m really starting to like this challenge. Using all sorts of stuff from my inventory, that just happens to start with a certain letter, is forcing me to be very creative. Resulting in this week’s look, which I actually like. But it is very unlike the kind of looks that I would normally concoct. What proof do I have of that, you ask? Well, both the boots and the vest have never been worn. The treggings and the hoodie have been worn before, but only a couple of times.

Oh, one more thing about that hoodie… Should my neko ears be under my hood or, like i have them now, through the hoodie. Like pretending I cut some holes in it? I just can’t decide…

  • Hair with hood – Fri.day (mollie.monday) – Tabs – Paranoid black
  • Skin – Frick – Green/Pink Makeup Skin – Tan
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors (lano.ling) – Cat eyes – Forest Cat – Freebie Eyes
  • Hoodie – Fri.day (mollie.monday) – Henley Hoodie – Gray
  • Vest – So Many Styles (irie.campese) – Fur Shrug
  • Tregging – Fishy Strawberry (fae.eriksen) – Corduroy Treggings – Brown
  • Boots – Truth (truth.hawkes) – Foxley Boots – Mocha

One response to “Fffffantastic!

  1. LOL how weird I HAVE that outfit minus the leggings LOL great minds sama lol… You look awesome!!!!

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