No Darwin needed

… for this Second Life evolution.

SL evolution
This post is NOT for a blogger challenge ( oh what a shock)… Well kind of anyway. I recently read about a group that Harper Beresford had started on Flickr. She was basically inviting people to show the evolution their avatar had undergone through the years. I really liked that idea, so voilá: here is Sama Yalin through the years.

I was not exactly spoiled for choice when I was putting this picture together. Untill about a year ago (read before starting the Color Challenge) I hardly ever took pictures of myself. Especially in 2008 for some reason. I only managed to find one picture from that year.

All the pictures are old profile pics (except for the 2011 one). Luckily I updated my profile regularly, or I would have had no pictures whatsoever. It’s a bit of a shame that I didn’t realise back then that taking pictures, and in that way documenting things for the future, is just as much fun in SL as it is in RL.

Looking back at “myself” now, I’m surprised at how little I really changed. The only major change is loosing my butterfly wings and gaining my neko persona. But the rest of it has actually more to do with the technical aspects of SL, then with my personal taste. I guess it’s not really that surprising. After all it’s still the same person with the same tastes sitting on the other side of the computer screen.

Makes me wonder what we will all look like in another 5 years. Only one way to find out…


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