After A comes B!

…week 2 of the Alphabet Challenge. B

I know it hasn’t been a week since I posted week 1 of this challenge. But now I’m all caught up, so from now on I will be posting on time. Promise.

Looking at last week’s credits list I realised I hadn’t listed my neko ears and -tail. To be honest I didn’t even think to match them to the letter A. The reason? I’m always a neko avatar, I NEVER detach my feline bodyparts. It would be like changing my shape. And with the arrival of mesh it has become very clear that, THAT is a very touchy subject for many.

So basically what i’m saying is, my furry feline parts don’t do this challenge… The rest of me does though!

  • Hair -Lamb (lamb.bellic) – Bonjour Operator – Kit Kat
  • Skin – Tuli (tuli.asturias) – Bella – pale/br
  • Eyes – Urban Dare (craven.theas) – Neko eyes – Bright Brown/green
  • Shirt – Boho (redsoledrea.gossipgirl) – Donna top – Romance
  • Skirt – Boing Fromage (elka.lehane) – Hot Summer BoHo Skirt –Beige
  • Shoes – Deco (orchid.zenovka) – Bloom Heels – Cream
  • Jewelry – Ticky Tacky (narita.rayna) – Banjee Girl Set – Steel

2 responses to “After A comes B!

  1. Such a cute and vintage looking set of B’s… Love it

  2. Love the European feel of this pic! Don’t feel bad about the neko parts, I didn’t include my eyes because I didn’t know that colors could be used.

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