It’s A

…week 1 of the Alphabet Challenge.


Yes, it is yet another blogger challenge. This one hosted by Willow Zander at What *IS* Willis Talking ABout? I will probably be drowning in blogger challenges soon, but nevermind all that! The aim for this one is: everything you wear must begin with the letter you are blogging. In either the store name, item name or item colour.

So with that in mind, I came up with this look. I was quite proud of it, felt like a magical frostmaiden. Untill I stumbled upon this lolcat…

So yeah… frostmaiden or kittie-that-got-locked-outside… you decide.

  • Hair –Analog Dog (queue.marlowe) – Monday – Cherry
  • Skin – the Plastik (aikea.rieko) – Ataciara – Elven/Nautical
  • Eyes – Hybrid (Stoic.Ixchel) – Kitty eyes – Azure
  • Outfit – Acid&Mala (acido.ferraris) – Menorca outfit – Black

2 responses to “It’s A

  1. Love me some LolCats but I will say that you are definitely more frostmaiden than kittie-that-got-locked-outside… so pretty!!! Cant wait to see ya bees!!! lol

  2. Beautiful look, but I am cracking up laughing at the kitty post…LMAO!!!

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