…week 3 of the SL Weekly Words Challenge.


With english not being my first language, the first thing I did for this week’s challenge, was look for a dictionary. Because this word evoked two very different meanings for me. Apparently this was not some mistake by me. Deliberate actually can mean two things:

  1. Intentional or planned(often of something bad)
  2. Describes a movement, action or thought which is done carefully without hurrying.

I pondered over this word for a week, but in the end I kept coming back to the first thing that popped into my mind: London and the deliberate acts of violence and destruction that took place during last week’s riots. To keep it light though, I decided on a happier picture of London.

And that’s how, for this week’s word, I found myself on the Second Life version of Big Ben.


One response to “Deliberate

  1. Aw that looks quite deliberate too! Just getting up there! Cool!

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