Look at my ears

…because I don’t wear elven ears very often.

Look at my ears

It’s a strange relationship I have with my avatar in Second Life. I can make “myself” look like anything I want, yet I always come back to the same sort of look. Always the same shape. Always the same eyes. Always the same kind of hair colour. Almost always the same skin and always the same kind of skintone. And ALWAYS my furry neko parts.

Any other kind of avatar and I feel like I’m playing dress up. Yet my normal av is basically a dressup as well, because even without the neko parts it doesn’t resemble RL-me at all. (well I have arms and legs and a head in RL as well, but that’s it)

But anyway, on to the reason of me not looking like myself today: the huge groupgift by the Plastik. And I mean HUGE… I still haven’t unpacked it all. Except for the hair (by Lamb) and the shape (by me), everything I’m wearing is part of this gift. It is still in the group notices, but probably won’t be for much longer. So if you want it, RUN!

  • Hair – Lamb (lamb.bellic)
  • Everything else – the Plastik (aikea.rieko)

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